Lockdown:- Making Friends Through Online Video Games

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Our country is under lockdown so ,we are all thinking about how we can socialise without going outside at the moment. While this situation is new to many of us, there are thousands of people. who make lasting and meaningful connections from their homes. They are doing this through the world of online gaming. Gamers socialise with others online and create a sense of community and wellbeing. Most gamers value the socialisation aspects very highly.

They are among the main motivations for playing, particularly .when it comes to engaging in “massively multiplayer online games”. These games have large numbers of players, typically from hundreds to thousands. who interact and play on the same server – like World of Warcraft , player’s unknown battle ground etc.

Videogames Data :

According to the latest gaming industry statistics, 65% of adults play videogames across different types of hardware – 60% on phones, 52% on a personal computer, and 49% on a dedicated console. What might be surprising is that among gamers, the gender split is narrowing – 46% are female (average age 34 years) and 54% are male (average age 32 years).

One of the most significant findings is that 63% of gamers play with others and that many players get social support from the gaming communities that they are in. Other research has shown that there appears to be no difference in general friendships between gamers and non-gamers and that the more you time you play, the more likely you are to form friendships online.


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Gaming often gets bad publicity because most media coverage tends to concentrate on the minority of gamers who play to such an extent.That it compromises all other areas of their life (“gaming disorder”). However, we have to remember that millions of gamers play every day .And many do so for the many positives it brings.

So, if you’re one of those people out there following government advice and think. that checking social media and Skyping are your only options for friendship and social support, think again. Going online and connecting with hundreds and thousands of people.In the gaming community might just be another string in your social bow.So enjoy the games in the situatuin of Lockdown.

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