How To Get Chikken Dinner In PUBG Mobile

Today we discuss the most questioned topic ‘How to Get Chicken Dinner In PUBG ‘.Most of the players want to know about this topic. So I’m going to explain all the details in this blog.

Play With Full Squad (4 Man Squad)

In your squad you have to assign role according to the performance of your teammates. You must need a good sniper, assaulter, flanker and supporter. Your drop location depends on your team performance. If your team is good then you should go to hot drop locations like Georgo , Novo, Miltary base, etc. There are many advantages and disadvantages of a hot drop location that is if you got a gun instantly after landing than you have a chance to get high kills. But if you didn’t get any gun than you can die and lose your KD & Points.

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Always Try To Do Third Party

Doing a third party helps in getting kills and chicken dinner. When two teams are fighting than go there and steal kills . This is the best way of getting kills. Always take 2 vehicles while fighting because after bursting them they gave us good cover. The probability of getting won in third party is very high because enemies are damaged.

The Circle

The circle is no longer your friend, it is the enemy’s friend. Rarely will you find yourself blessed by the circle so always watch that timer and be prepared to move at a moment’s notice? Having transport will allow you to leave at the last moment, although it is loud, it’s quick. So, if you are on foot leave enough time to run, otherwise the circle will punish you for being too slow.

Are you a chaser or a camper? Chasers tend to ride the zone in, this means they only have enemies in front, mostly, but run the risk of being caught out by the circle or in a gunfight as the circle closes in around them. Campers will find the middle of the circle and keep moving to save locations within the circle.

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Looting is the grind, find that gear, keep your eyes peeled and noise to a minimum. Keep doors to buildings closed behind you, move systematically between buildings making sure you do not miss a room. Loot spawns randomly to some degree, you may think of ignoring that shed out back, it only ever has rubbish in it, you just missed an LVL 3 vest. When looting quickly learn to tab loot. It is much much faster to drag and drop into your inventory than to press F on every item on the floor, especially if you are after 1 item amongst 7 other items. When dropping with multiple enemies, on the roof of school or military buildings, the fastest looter will generally win.

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pubg best loot area


Whilst it is easy to say you should X and Y to win, you may never find X and Y whilst you are looting. Always make sure you have a combination of guns, long-distance and close range. If you find yourself in the position with two AK’s for instance, make sure one is on autofire with a red dot and the other on single fire with a 4x.

Armor, always strive for the highest tier possible. Armor is the difference between instadeath and winning.

Get Chicken Dinner in Pubg & enjoy. Clothing, avoid the puffer jackets and coats, early game these seem like fun to wear, so cool, so casual. No, you will find you are spotted a lot easier even if the puffer said “camo”.

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