Gta 6 : A New Game Lauching Soon .

gta 6 new game

Grand Theft Auto 6 remains unconfirmed yet inevitable, but an announcement could finally arrive extremely soon. Previous GTA 6 rumors indicated that Rockstar Games might announce the game in late March. Now, fans on Reddit have found compelling evidence to suggest that Rockstar does indeed have something major planned — and it might happen any day now.

The GTA 6 message board GTA forums has been a focal point for many of the rumors about the unannounced game. That’s where a leaker known as “gonnaenodaethat” has hinted that the sequel will be formally announced in March 20. Plus, a subsequent anonymous “leak” on sketchy discussion forum 4chan, claimed that March 25 will be the day a GTA 6 teaser trailer is released.The next few days will make or break both of these leakers’ reputations. While many GTA fans are wary of this type of chatter, a few Redditors believe the fact that both Sony and Microsoft have recently announced the Playstaions’s hardware details is a sign that a GTA 6 announcement is on the horizon.

What does Rockstar have planned for the rest of 2020? Could it be a GTA 6 trailer or a Bully 2 reveal? Here are two compelling theories that the Rockstar fan hive mind has decoded from these new logos.

The first of the two new Rockstar logos that were spotted online.

The second logo doesn’t seem to include any hints at this game. But referring to an unreleased Rockstar title. That was long thought dead named as Agent.

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