Get PUBG Rename Card : Free New Trick 2020

pubg rename card free 2020 trick

Method 1:- Completing Progressive MIssions

This method is the most popular method to get a free rename card in PUBG Mobile. When we start playing PUBG with a new id than our game level starts from 1. After completing every level we get a level-up reward. These level are named as progressive missions in PUBG. At 10th progressive mission you’ll get a rename card.

Follow these steps to get the rename card.

  • Click o the button given in the photo.
free pubg rename card
  • Now Click on the progressive mission and select the 10th mission.
  • Here you’ll see an ID card , if you have already collected this one than apply the second method.
pubg rename card in free new trick 2020
  • You have to complete all the missions from 1 to 9.
  • 9th mission (Enter a chat room) is complicated but we are here to help you.
  • Click on the chat icon on the left side of the screen and scroll down to the chat room.
new trick to get pubg rename card in free
  • Here you have to create a room that is very simple.
  • Click on the Create icon and give a name to the room.
rename card in pubg free
  • After Completing the mission Collect your ID Card.
  • Get Free UC Here & PUBG, Rename Card.

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Method 2:- Participating In Crew Challenge

You to participate in the crew challenges after that the timing of the matches will be provided to you. The points are based on the kill and survival ranking. Only 200 points are required to get a PUBG Rename Card.

So Get 200 points in crew challenge and redeem card in the shop as shown below.

pubg free rename card trick 2020

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