Call of Duty Mobile :- success or loss???

call of duty mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been popular on consoles and PC for years. Now the shooter franchise is a hit on Android and iOS. Thanks to CODmobile which has already more than 150 million downloads.

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This news comes from Activision Blizzard’s latest earnings report today. Call of Duty Mobile released on October 1, 2019 with Tencent’s Timi Studios developing the title. Activision Blizzard noted during its results conference call that the game is exceeding its expectations.

Call of Duty Mobile has also reached the top of download charts in 150 countries. In the U.S., it ended the fourth quarter among the top 15 grossing games in both the iOS and Android app stores. The title is a free-to-play game with microtransactions and constant updates, so it could be a healthy revenue generator for Activision Blizzard for years to come.

Downloads :

The game has been a hit in the U.S., where it has seen nearly 28.5 million installs, or 16.6% of all downloads. India came in second with 17.5 million installs, or 10.2%, and Brazil ranked third with 12 million installs or 7%.Google Play generated the majority of downloads, accounting for just over 89 million, or 52 percent. The iOS version, meanwhile, accumulated nearly 83 million downloads, or 48 percent.As with downloads, Call of Duty: Mobile picked up most of its revenue in October, grossing $55 million compared to approximately $31 million in November.

Update for Call of Duty Mobile introduces new maps, game modes ...

While spending in the game has declined from its post-launch highs, it is consistently ranked in the top 25 grossing titles in its key markets. With new features and content beginning to roll out at a faster pace, we’ll likely see more peaks in spending over the coming months. As it stands, Call of Duty: Mobile continues to represent one of the most successful examples of translating a major console and PC property to mobile, Sensor Tower said.That also comes on the success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the PC and console game that debuted in October. Activision said that the game was outpacing sales of last year’s title, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

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